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HOPE – Gold-plated bracelet. 
HOPE has more than one meaning, it also means Help One Person Every day. It is likely that all people have a desire to help others. So maybe we can cultivate that need and make a difference. With this piece of jewellery, you remind yourself and others to consciously live out our natural impulse to take care of others. 

The bracelet is part of a series of jewellery that support Land of Hope and Anja Lovén’s work to save witch children in Nigeria from hopeless situations and sometimes even from death. Nordahl Jewellery have promised 1 million kr. to support Land of Hope over a period of 3 years. When you but the jewellery, you are a part of saving lives.

Gold-plated silver bracelet HOPE TIML 8mm

825 078-3
Material Silver
Length 17 + 3 cm
Surface Gold plated