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Nordahl Andersen is a recognized and strong brand that has a strong market position on both the national and international stage.

The thoughts behind

When people without warning face situations beyond imagination – difficult situations that make other people need help – something happens. They act selfless, find extra strength and energy, and just do what is necessary and the right thing to do in the given situation. Ordinary people become extraordinary heroes and we probably all know one.

Nordahl Andersen House of Jewellery has taken the initiative to create a support bracelet to acknowledge all the personal efforts, resulting from the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Nurses, healthcare and social workers as well as other healthcare professionals have done their job – despite the fear of infection. For a while, many completely restructured their tasks. Some have worked more and taken on longer shifts than usual. Some skipped a day off. Many have taken one day at a time and depended on others for help in their private lives, since mom or dad had to do their work within the healthcare system.

Employees within the police, transportation, retail as well as child care workers, teachers and others, responsible for human wellbeing and life, have all made extraordinary efforts. The same have ordinary people – neighbours, volunteers within various fields and people with which we have never been in contact before – selflessly offer their help to vulnerable fellow humans, the lonely and families.  

First of all, the support bracelet from Nordahl Andersen gives you the opportunity to say thank you in a tangible manner. When you give the bracelet to someone, who has made a special effort, you acknowledge this person and the role, which he or she has played during a difficult time. Secondly, we come together to support other vulnerable people, whose lives have become increasingly difficult during the insecure time with COVID-19. By purchasing a bracelet, you support Cavell with GBP 2,5. Other organisations are responsible for support in other countries.