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Nordahl Andersen is a recognized and strong brand that has a strong market position on both the national and international stage.

Nordahl Andersen House of Jewellery

The support bracelet is an initiative by Nordahl Andersen House of Jewellery. Nordahl Andersen is a jewellery wholesaler, delivering jewellery to Danish jewellers since 1984. When the Corona crisis became reality in Denmark in March 2020, the company like many others faced a nearly empty order book. Our activities decreased and we suddenly had to think new thoughts along with staying updated on the health situation – in Denmark and abroad.

However, despite the worries concerning our business, we were mainly concerned about people – their lives and the quality of life. We at Nordahl Andersen immediately had great respect for all the people, who committed to helping others – whether as part of their job, or just as the impulsive urge to being there for others, also for those unknown to us.

These were the basic thoughts behind a support bracelet. Now, we just hope to see as many bracelets as possible around the wrists of all the heroes, which COVID-19 and the consequential effects brought forth during spring of 2020. Let’s remember to give thanks and recognise all the good that has been done.

Nordahl Andersen includes a range of brands and sells jewellery and gift articles to primarily Danish jewellers. However, our jewellery is also distributed in all Scandinavian countries as well as Germany, Austria, England, Holland and Belgium.

Nordahl Andersen includes brands such as: Nordahl Jewellery, Joanli Nor, SON of NOA, Siersbøl, H.C. Andersen Home etc. For more information about the company, please visit www.noa.dk.