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Your own life. Other’s lives. We are intertwined in ways beyond understanding. We help others - family members and friends. But sometimes we also help someone we meet by chance. It brings us closer together. By supporting this is my life we help those we do not yet know but who need our help. When looking at every single charm of your bracelet you will know their meaning. Happy memories and wonderful people from your own life. The way you choose to live your life, your goals, a feeling you wish to obtain and pass on to others around you. Show your personality and pass on both good fortune and lifesaving financial aid that gives children their hope back when all hope was lost. 
“Every year thousands of Nigerian children are tortured and killed because they are branded as witches. Land of Hope fights for the children’s rights. To be able to save the children’s lives and fight against increasing superstition we need all the help we can get. Through the sale of the this is my life bracelets Nordahl Jewellery supports Land of Hope with minimum 1.000.000 DKK over the next three years. I really appreciate the collaboration with Land of Hope and Nordahl Jewellery which secures us a significant six-monthly donation the next three years. This means that we will be able to continue saving children’s lives and secure their future.”
- Anja Lovén, founder of the nonprofit organization, Land of Hope